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The # 1 Comedy Festival in the Berkshires!

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A comedy festival that never ends!  Every show designed to give back to the community.


About Us

     To contribute to the culture and the community of Berkshire County, our events will utilize theater spaces that too often sit empty during the off season. We will also be partnering with local bars, clubs, stores, restaurants and art galleries to create unique and memorable festival events. 

     While offering a diverse slate of events, the defining feature of the BMCAF is that every show we produce will be dedicated  to benefit the cultural and general wellbeing of the Berkshires.

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     Not limited to a single weekend, the BMCAF will take place year-round and feature an exciting slate of events that includes:


  • Stand-up comedy shows headlined by world-famous comics.

  • Intimate sit-down conversations with beloved actors and writers who have ties to the Berkshires.

  • Live tapings of popular podcasts hosted by some of today’s brightest comedic voices.

  • A wide array of sketch and improv performances.

  • Theatrical performances running the gamut from innovative one-man shows to  cherished comedic classics.

  • Book signings with best-selling authors.

  • Film screenings followed by Q&A with directors and actors.

  • And much more...

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Hey There!
     Thanks for checking out the web page for The Berkshire Mountain Comedy Festival.  This is an idea I have been thinking about for a while now; to bring unique and hilarious comedic experiences to the Berkshires.  I have been very fortunate in my life.  I have met amazing people, worked with genius comedians and had experiences that would have been impossible were it not for my childhood in Berkshire County.

     I was raised in an area rich with history and unparalleled scenic beauty.  Where Herman Melville was inspired to write Moby Dick.  Where Rockwell Painted The Four Freedoms, Where Oscar winner Mel Gibson made his roaring return to film in Daddy's Home 2.


     Yes, the Berkshires are beautiful and inspiring.  But like Moby Dick, The Four Freedoms and Daddy's Home 2.  The Berkshires aren't funny.  But I want to change that.  
     I have an idea to partner with theaters and businesses in the Berkshires to produce all types of funny people doing all types of funny things.  Not just stand-ups (although there will be plenty of stand-ups). 

     I am bringing up my funniest friends!  Comedy teams from The Upright Citizens Brigade and Second City.  Comedy Writers and cast members from The Daily Show, Saturday Night Live in performance and conversation.  We will offer live podcast recordings, book signings, plays, roast battles and do it all in the name of raising money and the general wellbeing here at home.   

     My plan to give back to the community includes a few unique ideas.  The first is that every show The Berkshire Mountain Comedy Arts Festival  produces will be dedicated to raising funds, and awareness for people, issues and organizations with ties to the Berkshires.   
     I have a lot of big ideas and I am really excited to be kicking this Festival off.  But I can't do it alone.  The BMCAF is hiring staff, actively seeking volunteers, sponsorship, local comics, local issues and local venues.  If you would like to join us please drop us an e mail and let us know how you can fit into our new festival.    

     Kevin Bartini
     Artistic Director


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Who Are We?

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     The Berkshire Mountain Comedy Festival is the collaboration of two childhood friends.  David Rice is an accomplished lawyer and litigator who has worked to recover billions of dollars for victims of Bernie Madoff.  Kevin Bartini is a comedian who has enjoyed moderate success in TV and radio.
     Although raised in Lee, both men live and work in New York City.  Drunk and sentimental at a midtown bar, Kevin and David realized that both had a desire to give back to their hometown. As a comedian and a lawyer they were in a unique position to do just that. 

 "We will create a comedy festival that never ends!  Every show designed to give back!  Our de-facto home will be at Shakespeare and Company campus but The Berkshire Mountain Comedy Arts Festival is designed to be a big part of the entire region.  Our goal is to not only raise funds for local causes but to do it in a way that brings business and tourists to town."        

     Kevin, as Artistic Director will utilize his connections in the entertainment industry to furnish our festival with unique and hilarious shows.  Shows designed to attract attention and bring comedy,TV and pop culture fans to The Berkshires from miles away.  David as Chief Operating Officer will do all of the smart guy business stuff. 

     Both see the Berkshire Mountain Comedy Arts Festival as a reason to come back home more often. 




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